Grand Opening of Vein Institute in Guam


Dr. Bruce Hoyle is proud to be involved in the Advancement of Vein care internationally with the opening of the Guam Vein Institute. 

Feel free to listen to his interview with Dr. Nate Berg and Host Phill Leon Guerreo

News talk K-57am 

Media coverage of the event can be seen through various sources. 


Dr. Hoyle assisted with one of the first Surgeries in the new Guam Vein Institute. 

Dr. Hoyle was invited to Guam to assist with setting up the first Vein Clinic along with procedural training on the island. While on the island, Dr. Hoyle participated in 2 TV interviews, 2 newpaper interviews, and was invited to a radio station to discuss venous disease alongside Dr. Nathaniel Berg, Clinic Director. 

Grand Opening od Guam Vein Inst.

Helping to make Vein care around the world a little better.

Interview at the Grand Opening of the New Guam Vein Institute


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Exceptional Training and a Pioneer in his field

Dr. Hoyle has traveled both nationally and abroad to several important centers to acquire the exceptional skill needed for the treatment of vein disorders. Dr. Hoyle has practiced and studied with some of the leaders in the laser vein surgery field in advanced centers of La Jolla, Phoenix, and Toronto. In 2004, Dr. Hoyle traveled to Lausanne to visit Dr. Albert Ramelet who is one of the world's recognized pioneers in the modern treatment of varicose veins. Dr. Ramelet has written a major reference textbook on the treatment of varicose veins and designed some surgical instruments used today.

Dr. Hoyle has practiced medicine in Orange County for over 25 years. He was the first physician in Orange County to perform an endovenous laser ablation. He is one of a few doctors in Southern California doing ambulatory micro-phlebectomy. In 2007 Dr. Hoyle was one of a few doctors from around the country who participated in a seminar held in Houston, which was focused on the laser treatment of perforator veins and subsequently was one of first doctors in Orange County to use a laser to treat incompetent perforator vein Dr. Hoyle is a member of the American College of Phlebology and is board certified by the American Board of Phlebology. He is also a member of ARDMS with the credential RPVI® – Registered Physician in Vascular Interpretation.

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Additional Veins That May Need Treatment
  • Enlarged hand veins are normal veins that become more visible as the skin relaxes and thins with age.  They are not considered to be diseased as are protruding varicose veins in the legs. They can however, be easily injured and unsightly as the skin becomes more fragile. A combination of ambulatory phlebectomy and sclerotherapy may be necessary to treat unwanted hand veins.

  • The two types of facial veins most often treated are the smaller spider veins and larger reticular veins. Spider veins usually appear as fine irregular red lines on the nose, cheeks and the side of the face. The larger reticular veins appear greenish blue in color and can be 2-3 mm in diameter. They are most often found along the cheekbone under the eye and at the temple areas. Reticular veins and large spider veins are best treated by ambulatory phlebectomy or sclerotherapy, while smaller spider veins are usually treated easily with LASER.

Advanced Technology and Techniques
  • Advanced Vein Center is a leading vein treatment center in Southern California specializing exclusively in the diagnosis and treatment of venous disorders including spider veins and varicose veins.

    Dr. Hoyle has been practicing Phlebology (the treatment of vein disorders) for over 10 years. The Advanced Vein Center and Dr. Hoyle pioneered the use of Endovenous Laser Ablation and Microphlebectomy in Orange County. All of our procedures are done in the office on an outpatient basis with the use of a local anesthetic and a mild sedative if needed. The patient is awake throughout the procedure and able to resume normal activity almost immediately.

  • We perform diagnostic ultrasound exams in our office using a state of the art ultrasound equipment dedicated explicitly to vein evaluations. We do not refer our patients to an outside imaging center or hospital for ultrasound evaluation. We have found too often that outside sonographers are not properly trained in evaluating the superficial veins. Dr. Hoyle personally performs or supervises all ultrasound evaluations.

    Diagnostic Ultrasound is now considered the standard of care for evaluating vein disorders in the lower legs. Treatment failures for spiders and bulging veins are often due to overlooking problems with deeper veins in the legs. Only ultrasound can see these problems. If the test is ordered and performed at a hospital or outpatient diagnostic center, it is often done by a technologist who has had minimal or no training in evaluating the superficial veins


    There has been a rapid change in the last decade in the field of vein treatment technology. Here are some of the technologies used in our office. The Veinlite is helpful for visualizing reticular veins. These are dilated bluish intradermal veins 1-3 mm in size.


  • Spider veins (telangectasias) can be hard to see with the naked eye during treatment. The Syris headlight uses a double polarized filter along with a halogen light source and lens to remove skin glare and magnify the spider vein.


  • Endovenous laser treatment has continued to evolve over the last decade. The original lasers were in the 800 to 100 nm wavelength and targeted hemoglobin part of blood. The newest lasers are in the 1400 nm range and target the water part of blood. This allows treatment with 1/3 of the energy previously needed and results in none to minimal bruising and discomfort. Dr. Hoyle had the first Thermalite 1470 laser in California.

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Varicose and Spider Veins Podcast

Dr. Bruce Hoyle was recently featured on the Straight Talk MD podcast with Frank Sweeny. The show covered everything you ever wanted to know about varicose veins, spider veins, and chronic venous insufficiency.

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