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In some cases, a second opinion is a great idea. When patients and even other doctors in and around the Orange County area are looking for other treatment options, they can turn to the Advanced Vein Center. We offer medical second opinions from our office in Orange, CA. Scroll down to read more.

Second Opinion Q & A

Why Would I See Dr. Hoyle for a Second Opinion?

Patients who have been diagnosed with restless leg, diabetic neuropathy, or other conditions and are not showing improvement with treatment may want to seek a second opinion. With these and other venous conditions, the symptoms are often very similar and a misdiagnosis can extend the time that a patient suffers from a painful condition. If patients from Orange County or the greater Los Angeles area are concerned that their treatment is not as effective as it could be, they should make an appointment with Dr. Hoyle at the Advanced Vein Center. Dr. Hoyle is truly an expert in his field and one of the leading physicians treating venous conditions in the United States. He was the first doctor in Orange County to perform endovenous ablation. His training and expertise are extensive which has led Dr. Hoyle to become a highly credible source to both patients and doctors alike. 

How Can Dr. Hoyle Help With a Second Opinion?

Many patients who have venous disease also have arthritis and back problems with sciatica. They may have varicose veins, however, their pain may be a result of the other conditions not associated with varicose veins. Dr. Hoyle was also boarded in sports medicine and is able to perform an orthopaedic assessment. Regularly, Dr. Hoyle sees patients that often associate their pain or discomfort with a venous disease. However, since Dr. Hoyle has a background in sports medicine he is able to distinguish an orthopaedic problem from a venous disease. Dr. Hoyle is one of the very few doctors within Southern California that is able to distinguish between the two and offers the correct treatment as necessary through diagnosis.

When Should I Be Concerned Regarding My Diagnosis?

If your vein doctor is suggesting multiple ablations or to receive treatment immediately, get a second opinion. Patients should NEVER feel bad about asking questions, inquiring about additional treatments, or feel pressed into making a quick decision. If a patient isn't sure about his or her options it may cause him or her to forego alternative treatment. Second opinions give the patients the ability to make the best choice for their specific condition.

Get a Second Opinion IF:

  • Your vein doctor is seeking to perform treatment immediately.
  • Your vein doctor is recommending more than 2 endovenous ablations. 
  • Your vein doctor is not willing to provide a copy of your ultrasound image (not just the report)
  • Your vein doctor's ultrasound tech is incentivized to find abnormal vein problems.