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Bruce Hoyle, M.D.

Vein Specialist located in Orange, CA

With more than 15 years practicing as a doctor, Dr. Bruce R. Hoyle serves Orange, CA out of the Advanced Vein Center. He specializes in vein treatments and performs venous leg ulcer treatments.

Venous Leg Ulcers Q & A

What Is a Venous Leg Ulcer?

A venous ulcer is an open sore that occurs on the legs. It happens when the blood isn’t being pushed back to the heart in the way it should. The blood remains in the veins, ultimately resulting in a pressure buildup within the veins. The liquid part of blood is pushed out of the vein causing edema (swelling) and resulting in poor tissue nutrition. When left untreated, the excess fluid causes the skin to break and an open sore to form.

How Are Venous Leg Ulcers Developed?

Ulcers are usually preceded by leg swelling and skin changes. Stasis dermatitis may occur. This is often seen as a redness and a thickening of the skin. The person’s legs may become heavy and painful. As time passes, the skin starts to break down and forms a wound, which is the venous leg ulcer. The ulcer often can become infected and require frequent visits to a doctor's office or wound clinic. 

How Is a Venous Leg Ulcer Treated?

Leg ulcers are often chronic and it is not uncommon for patients to require months or years of treatment on a weekly basis. At each visit, the wound is cleaned, medication is applied, and a new dressing is provided. It’s usually treated with a dressing that doesn’t close off the ulcer to make it moist. The doctor may use compression therapy to assist in healing the ulcer and educate the patient on keeping the ulcer clean. The doctor will also inform patients on how to provide regular dressing changes, which will assist in the healing process. Venous ulcers tend to be recurrent so the doctor will also explain ways that the patient can reduce the risk of this occurring. Often times, this consists of the patient using compression stockings on a regular basis as well as encouraging regular exercise and maintaining an appropriate body weight. 

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